ARCHIVE - More screwed up laws...

Archive: Thu Oct 9 19:16:17 2008
Title: More screwed up laws...
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This situation is weird to start with, but not at all surprising.

An 8th grade girl sends nude pics of herself to a boy and the boy is now being charged with child pornography!

The laws are majorly fucked up here.

First off, the boy didn't take the pic and may not have asked for the pic or in any way invited the girl to send the pic. He may have not even been aware or interested in the girl. But the law still treats the girl as the "innocent victim" and the male as the automatic perpetrator of the crime.

Secondly, and more importantly, there are kids who are sexually active in middle school. IMHO, most kids that young are too young for this kind of stuff, but that does not mean all kids that age are too young.

It is stoopid to think that sexually active kids won't do the same basic things that sexually active adults do, namely send nude pics of themselves to potential or current mates. And it is simply idiotic to attempt to apply laws meant to target adults with problems (real pedophiles) with such a broad brush like in this case. A 13 year old sexually active kid having a sexual relationship with a peer should not be a crime.


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