ARCHIVE - Pointless Bureaucracy

Archive: Thu Dec 11 15:32:57 2008
Title: Pointless Bureaucracy
Mood: annoyed
Music: Trance Tuesday #042 - Part
Ok, so its about time for Wubling #1 to get his driver's permit (which in-of-itself is a scary thing).

In order to get his permit, he has to have a birth certificate and his SS card.

Well, I can't find his SS card so wubwife goes to the SS office to get a new one.

In order to get his SS card, we need his birth certificate (which she brought along), and one form of "identification" which could be a school or activity ID or even a report card.

That is just pointlessly stoopid. We already have his birth certificate which has lots of security features to prevent duplication or forging, but it would take about 10 minutes with a word processor to make up a believable report card because it's not like the SS office would have any clue if the report card is real or not. And they would accept all kinds of "activity ID"s, so that would take just a few more minutes to fake.

Yet more useless "feel good" regulations that annoy more than they could possibly help. :-/


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