ARCHIVE - Victory for the good guys

Archive: Fri Dec 12 03:00:49 2008
Title: Victory for the good guys
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South Carolina Residents Will Have To Settle For Bumper Stickers

I can't find the earlier link, but I've commented before on the utterly ridiculous "I Believe" license plates that were enacted in South Carolina. Well, luckily someone actually noticed that the plates were blatantly Christian and were patently unconstitutional.

What really makes the whole thing sick is that the idiots who proposed the law are openly and unabashedly admitting that they don't care that the law was unconstitutional

Asked by a reporter if he would support a license plate for Islam, Rep. Bill Sandifer replied, "Absolutely and positively no. I would not because of my personal belief, and because I believe that wouldn't be the wish of the majority of the constituency in this house district."

via The Daily Profaner


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