ARCHIVE - Special Idiot Muslim Comments Double Issue!

Archive: Fri Dec 12 23:00:30 2008
Title: Special Idiot Muslim Comments Double Issue!
Mood: stupified
A good man can do good things without religion. And a bad man can do bad things with religion. But to be really stoopid it takes religion.

Saudi Cleric Calls for 'One-Eyed' Niqabs

An older story (from Oct 3), but still hilariously stoopid.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.

But even better!

'Scientific' Proof that Women Cannot Talk and Remember Simultaneously

"Two areas in a woman's brain are activated when she talks. As we can see, there are many centers of speech in a woman's brain. There is a center in each lobe, while in the case of a man, there is only one center, here. The opposite center does not operate during speech, because it is busy remembering."

"When a Woman Talks, She Might Use the Part of the Brain Containing the Memory for Talking - And That's It, The Data is Lost"

Be careful reading these stories, the stoopid, it hurts...


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