ARCHIVE - Here's a Fucking Surprise: Entrenched Energy Companies are Hesitant About New Energy Policy

Archive: Thu Jan 29 01:10:50 2009
Title: Here's a Fucking Surprise: Entrenched Energy Companies are Hesitant About New Energy Policy
Mood: annoyed
Is it really a big surprise for anyone outside of the paid-politicians in D.C that entrenched energy companies don't think new energy ideas are feasible in the near-term??

For the past decade we've been funneling money to the current energy producers to "encourage" them to do research into new energy solutions. And not surprisingly, very little has come of the money.

Is it really that fucking surprising to anyone? Of course these companies are slowing down research. The research could point to new technologies that will undermine their core business. Technologies that will undoubtedly be embraced by younger, more nimble companies that will eventually usurp the old fossils.

Now that Obama has a new green energy policy, the old companies are basically saying "slow down there, nothing new is coming soon". And of course its not coming soon from them. They have an extremely vested interest in it not coming anytime soon. The farther off new tech is, the longer they can wait before spending any money to modernize. The longer they can keep off competition, the more they can make now.

Just imagine what we could be seeing now if, instead of spending money on the group that does not want change and improvements, and instead invested it like venture capital for new-tech start-ups.

The big companies will be part of the new tech world, but not until they are forced to face real competition from companies offering real new solutions. And they wont have to face competition until we start sending money to companies that know we can do it now, not later.


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