ARCHIVE - What the Fuck??? Hallmark sold my name to Wildmon and the AFA!

Archive: Wed Feb 18 23:40:30 2009
Title: What the Fuck??? Hallmark sold my name to Wildmon and the AFA!
Mood: annoyed
Whenever I submit my email to a website, I tend to use a unique email so if I start to get spammed from them I can block just that email and be done with it.

So anyway, about a month ago, I started getting crap from the loonies at the AFA. At first I just ignored them. I had subscribed to a Republican list during the election and I figured they sold me out to all the right-wing wackos.

But today I got a message from AFA and actually looked at it and realized that they were sending it to the address I had given Hallmark!!! What the Fuck!!!!

I knew Hallmark was not exactly progressive, but I didn't know they associated with such radical hate groups as the AFA.

Feel free to complain here.

I have recently started getting email messages from the American Family Association using the email address I gave to you.

I would never have given your company my email address if I had any idea that you would pass it along, much less if I knew you would pass it along to such reprehensible groups as the AFA. And I know it was your company that gave it to them since I used a unique email when I registered.

If this is the kind of hate group your company chooses to associate with, that is your business.

I no longer plan shop at Hallmark or, and I will do what I can to tell others about the groups your company associates with. I will do what I can to ensure that no one I know does business with you.


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