ARCHIVE - Cure singer blasts Radiohead "Name-your-own-price" plan

Archive: Fri Feb 27 22:59:35 2009
Title: Cure singer blasts Radiohead "Name-your-own-price" plan
Mood: disappointed
Maybe Robert Smith doesn't read the papers much.

He's blasting Radiohead for their "Name-your-own-price" plan saying that it would never work. Unfortunately for him, Radiohead's plan did work. Not only did it work, it worked extremely well and Radiohead sold more albums and made more money with "name-your-own-price" than they did with their previous album.

It might have been a fluke, but Nine-Inch-Nails and Gnarls Barkley did similar stunts and it worked for them too.

Its a shame when an artist of Smith's caliber can't keep up with the changing face of media. He'll come around eventually, but until then expect more denial and arguments from him.


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