ARCHIVE - Diebold Admits _ALL_ Versions of Their Software Delete Ballots Without Notice

Archive: Wed Mar 18 15:11:45 2009
Title: Diebold Admits All Versions of Their Software Delete Ballots Without Notice
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I know its beating the long-dead don't-use-electronic-voting-machines horse, but it still bears repeating until we get rid of this first batch of clearly corrupt batch of machines.

Bounced from The Brad Blog, at a public hearing about how incompetent Diebold was, the Western Region Manager for Diebold admits that their machine will delete ballots with no alert, no verification, and no logging.

Every time I read another article about how incompetent these machines are I really just can not fathom the depths of stoopidity this company must have plumbed to find project managers and coders that would design it this way. I would think that a CIS 101 student would be smart enough to design a better system and I know that any coder worth their salt would be embarrassed to have released such a shoddy product.

The worst part of all this is that good vote counting software is incredibly easy to write (HINT: Write only tables) and adequately secure counting software is not that much harder (HINT: change the default passwords), but because of the criminally corrupt nature of this round of product it will be decades before the public will trust another electronic system.

So the take away message is that if you have to vote for anything, make sure you do it by hand on paper. And if your local district wants electronic machines, make sure the machines are open to full testing by anyone, not just corrupt company shills.

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