ARCHIVE - Pics from our 2009 trip to Lake Chateaugay, NY

Archive: Sun Jun 28 22:10:06 2009
Title: Pics from our 2009 trip to Lake Chateaugay, NY
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We just got back from our vacation to upstate NY. Its a long trip, but worth it. We spent a week in the Adirondacks, the unconnected wilderness.

The cabin is part of this beautiful old camp site that has been in my father-in-law's family for generations. Just the basic amenities with a wonderfully out-of-date kitchen nook, but no computer, no TV (tho we did still have games on the DS and iPhone), and barely even a phone.

Lots of fishing, swimming, riding in boats. I even fished for the first time in years and managed to catch a few perch. Mostly a week of relaxing without all the distractions of modern life.

Its nice to be back in the connected world tho.


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