ARCHIVE - Things I didn't do while Wubwife was away

Archive: Sat Jul 11 21:12:33 2009
Title: Things I didn't do while Wubwife was away
Mood: accomplished
Music: Tank! - Yoko Kanno (4/5)
Wubwife was out of town for a few days, abandoning me with the two littlest wublings. Here's a list of things I didn't do while she was gone:

- I didn't lock the door on the car when we went places

Wubwife is big on locking the car door, even when we just step into a fast food joint... most of the time I didn't even roll up the windows...

- I didn't always use plates and utensils when we ate...

I figure the counter is clean enough.

- I didn't lock the front door during the day.

A couple of times I forgot to lock it at night too...

- I didn't put sunscreen on the kids when we went to the pool.

I didn't wear sunscreen as a kid. If melanoma was good enough for me...

- I didn't feed the cats.

I just put a big scoop of food on their perch and it lasted for days.

- I didn't eat any vegetables.

- I didn't make the bed.

Things I did end up doing:

- The dishes

I can't believe how many cups the kids went thru!!! I seriously suspect that they are incapable of taking two sips from the same cup.

- Bathing

I thought it would be nice to not smell like 4 days of funk.

- I did make the kids go outside!

I didn't just let them veg in front of the TV full time.

- Cleaning up a bit

I'm fairly low maintenance and don't make much of a mess, but I did have to go behind the kids a bit so the house didn't look like a big mess.

- I did get her a Welcome Home cookie-cake

It was mostly Mini-wub's idea. Tho I did forget to get the bouquet of flowers to go along with it.


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