ARCHIVE - Fucked up Mess - Insurance Reform

Archive: Mon Aug 3 18:07:04 2009
Title: Fucked up Mess - Insurance Reform
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Quick post about the Insurance Reform initiative.

The US should be ashamed of its Insurance/Health system. We are bottom of the list in just about every field when compared to the rest of the first world. But the big monied interests in the insurance companies, backed up by the stoopid and gullible masses keep fighting any change.

On the gullible masses front, we have the latest fear campaign working its magic trying to convince people that "The Evil Government" is going to try to snuff them out when they get old. And, of course, the fear is working and people are now getting all upset that some bureaucrat is going to cut them off... when the current reality is that some insurance agent is going to cut them off, but at least with the government you can fight it.

And we know the insurance companies will cut you off because we now have a whistle blower from "the inside" who saw it happening and is speaking out about it.

Its not that I blame the insurance companies for what they do, they are just trying to make money. Who I blame are the congress-critters who keep taking bribes - oops, I mean "accepting lobbyist input" - to keep the status quo and to fight any change.

The only good news is that it really looks like change is going to happen. And any change has to be good because honestly it can't be worse than it is now.


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