ARCHIVE - Christians find out what it feels like to be Atheists

Archive: Sat Aug 15 18:48:14 2009
Title: Christians find out what it feels like to be Atheists
Mood: interested
Scarlet 'A' for a Day

Interesting letter from a Christian who infiltrated the recent CreoZerg where PZ Meyers and the Secular Student Aliance spent a day touring the amusing Creation Museum.

From his observation

it was obvious that there was a distinctive way that we were being treated because of the shared identification. There were hateful glances, exaggerated perceptions, waxing surveillance by security, and anxious but strong ‘amens’ accompanying a lecture on “The Ultimate Proof of Creation” by Dr. Jason Lisle.

Yep. Welcome to our world. This is the kind of thing atheists experience all the time from "loving Christians".


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