ARCHIVE - WTF: White House appears ready to drop "public option"

Archive: Sun Aug 16 21:28:55 2009
Title: WTF: White House appears ready to drop "public option"
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"Bowing to Republican pressure..."????? WTF???

Fuck Republican pressure and the fake drama generated by the astroturf campaigns of the insurance industry and the radical right!!!

Without a public option there will be no change for the vast majority of Americans and there will be no pressure at all on the Insurance companies to behave or do right by us.

Right now, Insurance companies can screw over their customers because they know we have no other choice. We get our insurance through our work and we have to like what we get. If we don't like what our work provides, tough shit. Private insurance is prohibitively expensive for most people, and impossible if you have a preexisting condition.

Insurance companies have no incentive to care for you because they are betting that you will retire, quit, or be fired before you really need much care. And once you are out of your job, you are off their books so they don't care what happens to you. (this fact, by the way, is a big reason our health care costs so much... they have no incentive to pay for preventative care because odds are you will be off their books before that ounce of prevention becomes a pound of cure).

We have a public option for seniors called Medicare. I want that option too.

A public option would give us all access to Medicare and would provide a real alternative to work-based insurance. The knowledge that their customers actually can choose to go somewhere else will force the insurance companies to behave and treat their customers right.

I'm pissed off that the public-option is being pulled from the table, but what really pisses me off about this whole mess is how the wingnuts are just spoiling the process for political gain. They don't give a shit about out-of-control healthcare or out-of-control insurance companies. They don't care about how many millions of people are uninsured or how many millions more will lose their houses if they fall ill.

By fucking things up now, the wingnuts know that the end result will be a weak bill that won't do anything and will cost billions. In the end, people will still be screwed by insurance companies, their premiums will keep rising, people will still go bankrupt from healthcare expenses. People are stoopid. They won't blame the astroturf campaigns from insurance industry for spreading lies about "death panels". They won't blame the wingnuts in Congress for obstructing the way.

They will blame the Democrats for their failure to fix things. And the people will be right. The insurance industry and wingnuts are causing problems. but if the Democrats can't find a spine and do the right thing anyway, they deserve the hell they are going to go thru when the people realize what happened. And we will deserve the hell we will go thru when the wingnuts get back in power and hand everything back to big business and the rich.

Huffpo has a whine about this too...


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