ARCHIVE - Democrats in Congress just might grow a spine

Archive: Wed Aug 19 17:31:49 2009
Title: Democrats in Congress just might grow a spine
Mood: surprised
Music: What Else Is There? (Radio Edit) - Royksopp (2/5)
CNN is reporting that Democrats just might push through health-care reform without the help of Republicans.

Well good. Its not like Republicans would help anyway. The Republicans have every incentive to hurt reform and absolutely no incentive to help it - well, no incentive other than doing what they were hired to do and help the people, not their corporate masters.

Basically, the Dems were going to get the credit if this works and get the blame if it fails. And even if the Republicans wrote the damn bill, not a single one would have voted for it anyway. So its good that the Democrats are going to try and do the right thing and get some reform done regardless of what the wingnuts feel about it.


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