ARCHIVE - Mormons at it again: Sticking their nose into Maine politics

Archive: Thu Aug 20 20:16:29 2009
Title: Mormons at it again: Sticking their nose into Maine politics
Music: Trance Tuesday #044 - Part 2 - (2/5)
Looks like the Mormon Church is at it again, working hard to hold back progress this time in Maine where they are fighting to overturn a marriage equality law.

Looks like the Mormons and the Catholic Church are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into "Stand for Marriage" another homo-phobic marriage group.

Just imagine what good that hundreds of thousands could have done like feeding the homeless or helping orphan children find families. Instead these groups are working hard to hold back change and progress.

Every time this comes up all I can think of is how hard similar groups fought against women's rights and equal rights for minorities. These groups have always and will always stand in the way of progress and reform.

But perhaps the saddest thing is that they will be unrepentant and will not learn from history.

When this is over and progress continues, none of the groups now will stand up and apologize for all the wrongs they have done and all the hate they have spread. None will admit they were wrong. And when the next "moral crisis" hits they will once again stand up to "protect us" from some new non-existent threat. Never learning from their own history that most of these threats are imaginary.


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