ARCHIVE - Iowa: 92% say gay marriage hasn't affected their lives

Archive: Wed Sep 23 16:34:19 2009
Title: Iowa: 92% say gay marriage hasn't affected their lives
Mood: hopeful
In a poll whose results were plainly obvious to proponents but must be shocking to opponents of gay marriage - the wildly vast majority of people find that their lives are utterly unaffected by gay marriage. And I bet most of the remaining 8% are gays who had their lives positively impacted.

Unfortunately, there are still 41% who would vote to ban it, even tho it clearly has no real impact on anyone. So I guess the mindless fear mongering is still getting to someone.

I just hope that by the time the issue gets on a ballot, people will have had enough time to come to the realization that it is not the end of the world. The longer it goes with gay marriage existing, the longer people will come to grips with it and stop being terrified of it.

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