ARCHIVE - Signs of the end of civilization

Archive: Wed Sep 30 19:50:23 2009
Title: Signs of the end of civilization
Mood: annoyed
On the way to work, I saw yet another sign of the end-of-civilization.

I saw a group of kids waiting for the bus... right across the street from the school.

Note, this was a residential street, not a major thoroughfare. I would trust just about any 6 year-old to know how to safely cross this street. But here was a group of kids waiting to be picked up so the bus could pull into the parking lot across from their bus stop where the kids started and then let them off.

Imagine the situation. The kids have to get out there 5-15 minutes early to catch the bus, and it takes them longer to get into their seat than it takes the bus to get to its destination.

I blame the parents for being insane and not just letting their kids walk the extra 30 feet to get to school (remember, this is _not_ that dangerous a road. The kids are likely in as much danger walking to the stop as they are from walking across the extra road).

But I blame the school more for encouraging this kind of insanity.

In an age where we are worrying about overweight kids, surely walking should be _encouraged_ not discouraged. Especially when the distance is the width of one minor road.

If your house is directly across from the school, you shouldn't expect a bus to stop for you. And the school shouldn't provide one.

And if a kid did get hurt and a lawyer tried to sue the school for causing it, the lawyer should be disbarred for being too stoopid to practice law.


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