ARCHIVE - Are Americans Faking Religiousity??

Archive: Thu Oct 15 18:13:56 2009
Title: Are Americans Faking Religiousity??
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Interesting piece from Reason Weekly

Close to 1/2 of the people in America claim to go to church every week. The problem is, there aren't enough seats in all the churches in the country to seat even half that number:

Assuming that all are filled to capacity, that even the smallest of them can accommodate at least 400 people, and liberally adding 20,000,000 extra seats, the total number of available seats in churches across America is 59,045,600. That is just little over a half of what would be necessary to accommodate all the people who claim to go to church weekly.

So its interesting to see that not nearly as many people who claim to go to church actually do. And more interesting to see that so called church goers seem quite content to lie to pollsters.

I'm guessing most of these people lie because they feel they wont appear to be "good" unless they can show they go to church regularly. It will be a good day when people don't feel the pressure to lie to pollsters in order to seem like they are one of "the good guys".


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