ARCHIVE - Star Wars in Concert was Unforgettable

Archive: Mon Nov 9 18:10:55 2009
Title: Star Wars in Concert was Unforgettable
Mood: satisfied
Music: A State Of Trance Official Podcast Episode 041 - Armin van Buuren (2/5)
Last nite we saw Star Wars in Concert. A live orchestra playing select pieces from the Star Wars movies.

Anthony Daniels was live and narrated the event. He brought charm and wit to separate the individual pieces. During each piece, huge screens played select scenes from the movies and gave more emotion to the pieces played and brought the music to life.

Nothing could match the adrenaline rush when the orchestra started up.
Blasting drums with the trumpet fanfare. Then the immortal words flashed up on the screen "A long time ago in a galaxy far away..."... a brief pause as the stadium faded to black... the audience held its breath.. and the opening blast of the Star Wars theme filled the chamber with power and emotion. I think everyone in there wanted to cheer and hoot but we were struck silent by the music we all love.

The entire event was absolute mesmerizing blend of music and visuals. We were entranced for the entire show and wished it could have gone on longer.


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