ARCHIVE - This is what integrity looks like: ACLU fights to support protest of ACLU

Archive: Sun Dec 20 14:03:52 2009
Title: This is what integrity looks like: ACLU fights to support protest of ACLU
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Conservatives love to lambast the ACLU for all kinds of perceived "attacks on America". But what they always fail to realize is that the ACLU fights for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and it is abundantly clear in this article: ACLU Tells High School to Allow Students to Protest ACLU at Football Game.

Seems Gate City High School in Gate City had a bad practice of offering sectarian prayers over the PA system at football games. Something that clearly was the school promoting one religion over all others. So the ACLU warned the school that what it was doing was wrong.

Because of this "attack", conservatives organized a protest which the school moved to stop.

Showing integrity that is totally lacking from conservative groups like the ACLJ, the ACLU is moving to defend the protesters and ensuring that their free-speech rights are enforced.

The sad part is I'm sure the protesters won't understand the irony that they are only enjoying their freedom to protest because of groups like the ACLU.


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