ARCHIVE - What a frakin surprise...

Archive: Tue Mar 2 21:23:29 2010
Title: What a frakin surprise...
Mood: annoyed
Here is something you will not see much play from the conservative mainstream media: ACORN was cleared of criminal wrongdoing...

In a move that will surprise absolutely no one with a functioning brain, it seems that O'Keefe and Giles - creators of the infamous original ACORN hit pieces - were utter liars. Splicing together the video to imply criminal wrong-doing on the part of ACORN.

Of course, conservative media (we have little to no actual liberal media in the US) lept a the story and triggered a huge backlash including some questionable legislation.

Unfortunately, there will be virtually no coverage or apology for the witch-hunt now. The damage has been done, which was the goal of the hit-piece in the first place. Wingnuts have long hated ACORN for registering poor mostly inner city people who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, so it is no surprise that any smear campaign taking place in the media would work.

Just a shame that we do not have any kind of liberal reporting service with anything like the reach of the modern conservative elite media. More a shame that many of the poor who ACORN would have helped keep buying into the conservative media's lies and smears.

ACORN Wikipedia page Press Release


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