ARCHIVE - "We Won", "They Won" and "Broken Priorities"... a three-fer post...

Archive: Sat Mar 6 14:21:38 2010
Title: "We Won", "They Won" and "Broken Priorities"... a three-fer post...
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Victory for the good guys: Texas school board elections kick out two of the worst wingnuts The Texas school board was really pushing a wacko wingnut position including creationism ("Who else is going to stand up to these scientists") and a revisionist American history(1) (they were pushing to remove references to Thurgood Marshall).

This is a major victory for everyone because Texas is a huge buyer of textbooks. Textbook makers would write their books for Texas and then sell them to all states, dumbing down all American kids to Texas' level. The election is not a major shift, but is is a start...

Victory for the bad guys: Mormon Church killed Marie Osmond's son Marie Osmond's son killed himself recently. The story was that he was suffering from "depression". Well there seems to be more to the story, namely that her son was gay.

As a gay kid in Mormontown, he would have been constantly assaulted with tales of how he was depraved, an abomination, a sinner. He would have been told that he was a disappointment to his family and church. He would have been subject to harassment and attempts to "save him" from himself. He would have been told that his natural feelings happened because he was not strong enough to overcome them and he was not good enough to be "normal".
Is it any wonder that the kid was depressed??
Under that kind of pressure, its not a surprise that he felt killing himself would be a better thing than to keep living and bringing that kind of hell to himself and his family.

Broken Priorities: It costs an estimated $1 million to deploy a soldier to Afghanistan for a year and $49,000 to incarcerate a prisoner for a year in California. The state of California spends less than $10,000 to educate one K-12 student each year. The tradeoff is clear and unjustifiable.

We could massively increase the amount spent on education this year by cutting back the Iraq/Afghanistan war by just 10 minutes.

(1) Note: When LGF thinks you are right wing, you are _really_ right wing...


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