ARCHIVE - DeLay: People are unemployed because they want to be

Archive: Mon Mar 8 18:45:45 2010
Title: DeLay: People are unemployed because they want to be
Mood: annoyed
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I do not know why anyone listens to Tom Delay, but the conservative mainstream media keeps talking to him so he can keep saying really stoopid things like:

"There is an argument to be made that these extensions, the unemployment benefits, keep people from going and finding jobs,"

I'm sure there are some twenty-something slackers that would be happy with the sub-poverty funds they get from unemployment benefits, but the idea that this represents anything but the smallest fraction of recipients is just ridiculous.

From later in the article:

"unemployment benefits are generally so small that much of it is often used to pay for COBRA health insurance, even when subsidized. The size of the benefits does not generally cover the cost of living and it would be hard to find a single person who would prefer unemployment to having a job so that they could get subsidized COBRA."


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