Rambling about websites past

Just thinking back on how many times I have rebooted my website and how many variations on a theme I have gone through
This is probably the 6th or 7th time I have rebooted my website. Or at least the 6th or 7th time I have gone down to empty directories and started from scratch.

I long since lost count of how many iterations this site has gone through and how many variations I have experimented with. I have had hand made HTML pages (in the beginning, that was all we had!), fairly complex database driven platforms, external hosting (multiple times), and more than one attempt at some kind of forum/wiki.

I remember a version c1998-99 with fancy pop-out javascript effects (including a really nifty trick where the links seemed to fly like cards out until they replaced the page with the new link). In that version, I had a stoopid little boat thing that followed the cursor around. The javascript was driven by a hand edited text page with my random entries.
Note: much of this was before "blogging" became a real concept... I was cutting edge!!
I wish I still had that code somewhere...

At one point, I wrote a spiffy database powered simple blogging platform. I killed it off because it was more trouble than it was worth to implement new features like commenting.

I used LiveJournal for awhile. This was a good era for the site since I was a bit more regular about updating my site during that period.
I may get around to re-hosting those old entries someday.

It seems like each new iteration of the site causes me to reminisce about "the way things were".

Things were not particularly "better" in the old days, just different.

So now I am firing up a simple wiki based platform to help capture my babblings. With any luck I may even keep this regular!! We will see.

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