Friendly Neighborhood Atheists

A positive article about an atheist family from CNN
This one caught many atheist bloggers somewhat off-guard.

CNN is not exactly anti-atheist, but they do tend to slant towards the negative when mentioning atheists. They use terms like "self described" atheists (just imagine if they ever described someone as a "self described Christian) or they will interview a religious expert for their opinion.

So when CNN posts a full article about an atheist couple that is both positive and not condescending. It reads like any other "slice of life" type articles you read every week in the Style section of your local paper.

Unlike other slice of life stories, this one explicitly mentions the family's atheism and spends some time talking about how they came to their atheism. But it is talked about in the same tone other stories might talk about how the mother became a doctor or how the father came to own his own hardware store.

It is not a perfect article. The writer normally focuses on faith topics, so he admits to having a hard time understanding the family's choices. And the writer does dwell a little too long on some negative influences that led the family. But overall the article is well put and a good read. Check out the story and help encourage more slice of life stories like this. [Read More]

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