A Brief Complaint About Bad Web Design

A topic I am all too familiar with
I personally have made some really classic bad-web-design decisions, so I am hardly one without sin. But I am going to cast this stone because it pisses me off just about every other weekend.

We frequently order pizza from Vocelli Pizza. I like to order from them because I can order online when I am too lazy to cook. Not to mention my kids could probably eat pizza every night and not complain.

Anyway, when you click on "Order Now", the website asks you your address (step 1) so it can then show you which local shop you will be ordering from (step 2).

So far, nothing strange... But here is the step that gets me EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME.

After you have selected which store you want to order from, it then lets you log in if you have an account (step 3). And if you have an account, it asks you to confirm your address (step 4)!!!!!!!

Ok, first off, if you would have let me log in at the top, you would not only know my fucking address for step 1, but you would also know which store I always order from so no step 2!!! (and this is completely ignoring the idiotic click I have to make every time confirming that I have not moved lately!)

So there are 4 steps between me clicking "Order Now" and me getting to the point I can order when they needed exactly ONE!!!!!

And what would happen if I did have a new address... Would they make me go back and pick a new store and then log in again? Or would the whole site just crash from confusion?

I seriously think my cat could have done a better job of coding. The teenage kid of the CEO could have done a better job. Vocelli's should be embarrassed by how dumb this site is and it is a terrible tragedy that I even bother to use it (if I was not so anti-social, I would refuse to use it and just call in).