Collection of links

Links I forwarded to myself to read later
Most evenings, I wrap up my day perusing headlines and top articles using FlipBoard (ITunes link). I will frequently forward articles to myself to read later when I am not so tired, or when the article is something I may want to download or otherwise interact with.

Unfortunately, I do not always get around to following up those links.

So here is a collection of links I have recently forwarded to myself, but have not actually followed up on...

A few spy tools for your operating system (other than strace!)
Always good to know more about your OS including interesting things it can do... never know when those tricks will come in handy
WebGL Fundamentals
I have been putting off reading more on WebGL for too long... It looks like fun
10 JavaScript libraries to draw your own diagrams
Another useful thing to know. I try to avoid fancy additions to tools I build, but sometimes the customer really wants those kinds of tricks.
And I have a co-worker who needed to make org charts in his website, and thought these might help him.
x86 Disassembly
Another "want to know" link (notice a pattern?). Even just scanning this link will improve my understanding on how x86 processors, compilers, decompilers and internals work.
America is still fighting the Cold War: Why its military “strategy” is hopeless
It is said that the military is always geared up to fight the last war...
Salon is on my list of sites to peruse at night because they always have a nice list of usually interesting articles and they do decent long form analysis of interesting topics. This article caught my attention as one such possibly interesting articles.
Neo smartpen N2 instantaneously sends handwritten words and doodles to its iOS/Android app
This looks like a cool tool/toy. I flagged it so I would remember it and check out reviews once it starts percolating into the wild
Replacing Photoshop With NSString
I wanted to look over this one not only because it looks like a handy little trick to create simple, small icon-like images, but it also looks like an ingenious hack and I wanted to see how it worked.
Now anybody can use Robinhood, the no-fee trading app backed by Snoop Dogg and Marc Andreessen
I do not trade stocks, but if I ever do, it would be nice to have a no-fee option out there.
A Gentle Introduction to Algorithm Complexity Analysis
Useful to know

Well, that almost clears out my backlog of links, and is certainly enough information for the time being.

Maybe you will find some of these links useful, or maybe you will find out something interesting about me based on my reading habits. Either way, enjoy the reading list.