Wingnut Wackos

Mid April update on right wing wingnuts and their wacky antics
Just a couple fun links to keep up with the weird neighbors.

First up,

Idaho was going to update their child support laws to help enforce payments on deadbeats until Wingnuts got involved...

Some wingnuts learned that just maybe, in some alternate possible universe, under extremely unlikely conditions, it just may be possible that by passing the updated law, maybe some child support rulings could possibly have been impacted by or could benefit someone who might be muslim.

State senator Sheryl Nuxoll was so terrified of ISIS trying to target Idaho that she hysterically fear mongered against a huge improvement in Idaho's current child support laws until the updated law was tabled and died.

She was even more wingnutty than the normal wingnuts that run Idaho.

And concerns about “Sharia Law” have been debunked by the state’s attorney general—a Republican himself—and dismissed in press releases issued by the state legislature’s Republican Caucus and GOP Governor Butch Otter.

So the only winners in this situation are child support deadbeats who will continue to skirt the system. And of course, all of us who love listening to wingnut hysteria.

Next up

Tea Partier admits that this whole socialist healthcare takeover thing just might not be all evil after all

Tea Partier Jim Webb apparently has realized that not forcing healthcare to be tied to one's job just might not be such a bad idea. Seems that once he signed up for dreaded Obamacare, he was free to do things he wanted to do instead of having to stay at his job in order to stay insured.

Now that he has more freedom, he is afraid the wingnuts running the GOP (the kind of people he personally worked to elect before) will work to take away the laws that are helping him be able to afford insurance. (something they basically spend all their time trying to do)

I know he is not alone in realizing that the GOP anti-Obamacare efforts are bullshit and bad for the country, but hopefully his very public stand will encourage more wingnuts to open their eyes.

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