A voice of sanity against the Wingnuts

At least someone in Texas is not an idiot
Most on the far right work hard to keep their followers constantly terrified.

Of course since ISIS is the current big terror this year, the big lie down in Texas is how ISIS is building secret training camps "Just Across the Border!!!"

Of course, the enemy has always been "Just Across the Border" from Libyan hit squads in 1981 to Russian spies in '82

But at least one Texas representative seems to be sane. Representative Beto O'Rourke is working to shoot down fear mongering stories.

“Stories like these are good at scaring people and getting attention for those who spread them,” O’Rourke wrote, “but they are terrible for the country’s image of the border, for El Paso’s ability to recruit talent, and for our region’s opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of being the largest bi-national community in the world.”

If only wingnuts listened...