Raining Spiders

When flamethrowers are not enough
In what can only be described as a living nightmare, it has been raining spiders in Australia. And the people who study this have the temerity to call it something benign like "Angel Hair"... no... this is Nightmare-From-the-Pits-of-Hell Hair.

Apparently, twice a year for the last ten years, bazillions of spiders hatch, take flight, and rain down on this poor outback town. TEN YEARS!!!! Australia is already trying to kill humans in every way possible, but when raining spiders becomes a regular thing you clearly have missed the memo about time-to-move.

If this happened to me, I would just stay inside for a month and seal all cracks with industrial strength caulk until the house was so well sealed I would have to order in bottled air. I would not emerge until army troops equipped with napalm and flamethrowers had thoroughly cleansed the area.

But when it happened the second time, I would just move. I probably would not even take time to pack. I would be driving away so fast that the flames leaping from my abandoned house would be lost in the rearview mirror.

There is just no world where spider raining from the sky is good.

As proof, here is an older story about the phenomena happening in Brazil!!! This is spreading!!!! Looks like I had better make preparations to move somewhere way up north where spiders can not get to me.

WARNING Only watch this video if you want your nightmares confirmed...