Religious Liberty Fans Silent As Pro-LGBTQ Pastor Jailed

Bet no one saw this coming...
Just a look at the wingnut right and you will hear all kinds of whining about how "Religious Freedom is Under Attack" and "Religious persecution in U.S. could escalate".

But strangely, in the first case of the US jailing a pastor over religious freedom, the wingnuts have been mysteriously silent.

Anti-equality groups and politicians love to claim that religious officials will be punished for speaking out against marriage equality. But those same self-proclaimed defenders of "religious freedom" have been quiet as churchmice about the case of Anne Susan DePrizio, a nondenominational minister in Alabama who was sentenced to 30 days in jail last month for her stance on marriage.

Where are the wingnuts rioting in the streets??? Or even just writing op-eds about Christian Persecution?

The silence of the demagogues is deafening...

- sroberts

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