Senator Blames Obama For GOP Destroying Obamacare - UPDATED

Blames six-million people potentially losing insurance subsidies on Obama, not on GOP efforts to cut subsidies
No, really.

Senator John Thune (R-SD) says it is Obama's fault that six-million people will lose their insurance subsidies if the GOP led effort to cut those subsidies succeeds.

The GOP is making every effort to kill Obamacare, from shutting down the government to pursuing spurious legal theories, but somehow they have the chutzpah to blame Obama for the failures they are attempting to exploit.

The GOP even ridicules the ACA for only insuring 1/3 of eligible uninsured... when it is mostly in deep red states where the GOP refused to expand Medicaid that the uninsured are the most hurt.

The GOP will take a bad hit if the Supreme Court throws out subsidies, but unfortunately for all of us, Americans have a very short memory and by the time the 2016 elections come around, most people will forget what all the fuss was about. Sad, really...

via Salon

Another article in Salon:
"But here’s another way it might play out: health insurance premiums will soar, people will be unable to afford coverage, and… the public will blame it on President Obama and the Democrats, because they passed this law in 2010 and suddenly health insurance is really expensive. Thing "A" happened, and now thing "B" happened, so Thing "A" must have been a terrible idea. Republicans will say, look at how much the IN-surance costs now! (emphasis in original article)"

- sroberts

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