Of Course The Kids Are Alright

80's Metalheads and Groupies turned out just fine...
One of the first moral panics I remember was the hysteria over the popularity of heavy metal music in the 80s. We heard of Satanic Powers! and how "Metal will Destroy Your Child" (still ongoing).

Of course, like most Moral Panics!, this one was full of shit. With absolutely no surprise, a recent study shows '80s Metalheads and groupies are well adjusted three decades later. And The Guardian even goes so far as saying that Metal fans are happier than everyone else. (also here)

It seems that listening to heavy metal and rocking out as a teen has no real effect on kids other than giving them lots of great memories of excellent concerts.

It saddens me that we have these regular moral panics and never seem to learn from them...

- sroberts

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