Corruption And Fiscal Incompetence : GOP Core Values

Corruption in the sunshine state reminds us how badly the GOP runs the place when they are in charge
There may have once been a time when the GOP were good shepherds of the country, but that time is clearly gone.

In Florida we find that the GOP decided to eliminate standards rather than let their close personal donors fail to meet even low requirements.

It seems that the Tenet Healthcare hospital chain in Florida could not manage to meet standards of care.

Galant would have worked hard to improve themselves and raise their standards until they met what would be considered minimum. Goofus would just bribe their legislators to drop or eliminate the standards.

Guess who Tenet Healthcare is???

Yep as reported here, here and here, Tenet decided to just buy their way into the pants of the Florida legislators and have their friends grease the wheels of the regulatory regime. Guess it was easier than improving themselves. Probably cheaper too. Doctors are expensive, better to just pay off the relatives of the dead kids.

And I guess Florida legislators are ok with that.

If you live in Florida, feel free to find your local reptile and thank them for looking out for what's important, their pocketbooks.


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