Big (well, not really big, just a few this time) Link Roundup!

I have way too many tabs open and waiting so I really should share some of them
Sometimes I find a page I kind of want to share/comment on, so I will keep the tab open in the hopes seeing the tab will spur me to stop procrastinating.

So far, the plan has not worked for actual commentary, but I can at least catch a few of the short note ones.

Clickspring Channel
A guy with a sweet home machining shop builds a clock from raw metal.
The process is fascinating, and the videos are well done. I lost a day watching the series and don't regret a thing.
8 Bit Weapon
Stumbled on this music group from Geek Dad. They make inspired and inspiring chiptune/8-bit music and ambient sounds using the tools and equipment from the 70's and 80's giving their tunes an arcade quality but more.
Worth a listen.
Learn X in Y Minutes
A collection of short tutorials on all kinds of languages and programs.