Arleman the Great
The last great human leader who united the human settlements across the western part of the Central Plane.
Binding Token
When preparing a spell, a mage or cleric can store the ready spell into a binding token that will hold the ready spell until the time the mage is ready to use it.
Tokens can take the form of small gems or coins or runic carvings on a staff.
Vast expanses of caverns twist under the entire length of the valley. Home of the Dark Elves.
The Central Plane
The wide areas on either side of the Central Sea. Home to most of the inhabitants of the world.
The Central Sea
The deep sea stretching along the entirety of the valley.
A Mage who specializes in healing runes and spells.
Dark Elves
Elves corrupted by lack of access to strong Magic twisted into shadows of their former glory and driven to hide in dark caverns searching for scraps of Magic to leach.
Large (usually winged) monsters that are ferociously magical and extremely dangerous. Usually not intelligent, but possess extreme animal cunning. Nearly immune to any human weapon. (see Great Dragons)
Hardy and stocky creatures that like to inhabit deep mines in the walls and mountains.
Long lived creatures of high Magic that live in small enclaves around the world.
A common term for a spell that has been permanently bound to a gem or rune or location and is usable even by a non-magically attuned user.
Enchantments can usually be used by anyone who knows how to activate.
Usually tiny, translucent, humanoid shapes that flit in and out of our plane and bring Magic.
Fairy Cage
A wire sculpture used to detect the presence of Fairies.
Fairy Dust
Common term for the residue of Magic left by Fairies.
Great Dragons
Eabuth, Woon, and Yehvren. Unlike their smaller kin, the Great Dragons are very intelligent and live in large lairs where they are served by their kin and by humanoids who are allowed to suffer their presence.
The most common and wide-spread beings in the valley. Humans can be found from both icefields, across the Central Plains and even in scattered wall settlements.
The high regions on the eastern-most and western-most areas of the valley. Portals that link the world to other worlds often appear near the western icefields.
The name of the great volcano near the center of the Central Sea. Has been continuously erupting and then re-collapsing for several thousands of years. Forms the basis for a large chain of volcanic islands that rise and sink back into the Sea for hundreds of kilometers in all directions.
Harsh and chaotic and violent creatures that tend to form large celebrations that will strip an area of anything edible or destroyable before they move on.
A generic name for anyone who can do significant magic (not just little cantrips). Often includes Clerics, although they prefer a distinct name to emphasize they specialize in healing.
An ethereal energy from a parallel plane that "leaks" into our world whenever a Fairy moves between the planes. Magic flows and collects in pockets across the land leading to areas of higher or lower magic.
Magic Depletion
If to many spells are used in a short time it can deplete the available Magic in an area, creating a "dead zone" until the Magic is replenished.
The Mud Hills
Formed from the slough off the Walls, the mud hills are rich with soft rock, minerals and gems.
An ancient city and home to the first College of Magic. Established by Elves and home to one of the largest groups of Elves in the world.
See Binding Token
The Walls
The habitable world is a deep gouge carved in an otherwise lifeless planet. The high walls of the gouge are like nearly vertical and impenetrable mountains.