The History of the Valley

~10,000 years ago

The first few tribes of humans migrated to the world via portals near the Western Icefields and settle in along the Western Central Plains.

~8,000 years ago

The first major influx of Orcs.
Early Orcs settle in the lower mountains of the Western Expanse and occasionally raid outward to the Human settlements.
The first Orc War.

~7,500 years ago

The first Human empire established.
Orcs driven out of most lands.
First major settlements established in the Eastern Ice Fields.

~6,500 years ago

First major Dwarven settlement established along the Northern Wall.
First recorded Fairy Storm splits the Human empire. Lasts for 3 years.
The first Human empire collapses into internecine squabbling.
First Dark Elf permanent city established.
First expeditions into the extensive cave systems under the Central Plains.

~6,000 years ago

Second major influx of Orcs.
Second major influx of humans.
Establishment of first Elven warband and first Elven/Orc war.

~5,500 years ago

Establishment of the College of Magic in the port city of Rial.

~5,500 - ~4,500 years ago

Golden Age of Man along much of the Southern and Western parts of the valley.
Most cities united under a loose Human Alliance.

~4,500 years ago

Third war between Humans and Orcs.
The city-state of Haban declares war on the Kingdom of Wel leading to the dissolution of the larger Human Alliance .
End of the Golden Age of Man.

~4,300 - ~1,500 years ago - "The Dark Ages"

Many small Human kingdoms rise and fall.
Large clans of Orcs raid constantly.
Elven civilization mostly crushed under constant Orc attacks.
The Golden age of Orcs

~4,000 years ago

First significant influx of dragons.
First major dragon sighting.

~1,500 years ago

Huge volcano Omen rises in the Central Sea. Dark smoke clouds cover the skies for many years.
Orc Chieftain Kargrag rises (possibly driven by the prophecy of the Dark Sun) and launches war against more violent Orc clans to secure his position. Kargrag forces outward peace with the other races and breaks the power of the minor violent chieftains. New much less violent and warlike Orc civilization born.

~1,500 - ~500 years ago

The Golden Age of the New Orcs
The Orc artisan N'gol flourishes. N'Gol eventually settles with the Elves.
Most of the surviving Orc art was created during this era.

~1,000 years ago

Dispute over mining rights along the Southern wall leads to the first Human/Dwarven war.
The Western Empire collapses with the death of King Arleman.
The Dragon Eabuth comes to the world and establishes her lair high on the Northern Wall.

~500 years ago

The Dragon Woon comes to the world and settles in the Orc cities in the Eastern mountains driving the Orcs from their ancient homes.
Tolokgrag the last great Orc chieftain dies. Orc clans break apart and scatter.

~400 years ago

"The Hundred Year Storm" happens. Combination of bad weather patterns, extremely cold and heavy winters in the North and three major Fairy Storms cause a period of natural disaster for nearly 60 years, isolating settlements.

~100 years ago

Arleman the Great (Arleman the Second) rises and drives across the land in a bid to unite the known world under his banner.
Most significant settlements are conquered (Human, Orc, Elf and Dwarf). All significant fighting forces are crushed.

~60 years ago

Arleman the Great is assassinated in the city of Rial.
The Empire collapses.\\

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