Life Just Is... 1

So there I was, sitting on the floor staring at a tree. A big tree. I mean a really big tree. Glancing around, I noticed I was in some kind of mall and lots of people were looking kind of oddly at me.

Anyway, the tree just kind of pushed past me (and it was a big tree). Now I admit I've never met a really polite tree. Actually most of the trees I know are actually kind of snobby. But I never expected this kind of attitude. Not even an "excuse me" or a "pardon me" or nothing. Maybe from some of the shrubs I've met, but not a tree. At least not this tree. This really big tree.

Well, I brushed it off and wandered on to do whatever it had been that brought me to the mall. I mean, its not too uncommon to see trees in the mall nowadays. Not even big trees (I mean really big).

So I'm passing the information booth and a couple of guards come running up. It seems that someone had stolen some things from the jewelry store on the corner (you know the one, the one with the blue ruby in the window).

I commented that there had been a suspicious tree (a big tree) wandering the mall and I pointed them towards where I had come. They ran off to check it out.

A little while later, I saw them put a handcuffed (branch-cuffed?) tree (a real big tree) onto a flat bed police truck. It seems they had found the merchandise on him.

I guess you just can't blindly trust any old tree...