Life Just Is... 4

So I've got my new house. Its a cute one story townhome. Call me nervous, but I put down concrete instead of grass. Sure it looks funny (I painted it green at least), and the kids are always playing ball on it, but at least the shrubbery won't be just milling about, loitering all day anymore.

That used to really bug me. They'd spend all day playing loud music, drinking, anoying the local fauna.

It had gotten kind of bad. I could hear them at night. Rustling, scratching against the vinyl siding. The police had come out a few times and spoken with them, but all that ever got were some nasty grafiti and some vines across my walkway.

I had even gotten them to disperse. I called up Bubba's - World - o - Yard - Work. They said they had heard of these things before. They showed up in heavy duty riot gear and back hoes. The shrubs were beligerent. Even with shields and batons, one of the guys had to be rushed to the hospital with cuts and wounds.

But finally, they carted the shrubs off on a big flat bed. But I knew they'd be back. It cost me alot that day, but at least I could live in peace for awhile.

That next morning, I started pouring the concrete. I was polite at least. I gave the grass a chance to leave. Several patches tried to hold a protest (they're now under 1 1/2" of green concrete), but mostly it was uneventful.

It was about a month later when I heard some scraping on the walls. I stayed up all night, hidden under the sheets, scared. They finally gave up before morning. It cost me some to replace the siding, but I sleep better at nights now.

Besides, I don't have to mow anymore...