Life Just Is... 6

I was lounging in my back yard (lot?). The heat coming off the green concrete was satisfyingly warm and the sun occasionally peeked out from behind the clouds and cast sharp shadows.

I was having a little barbecue for some of my new friends. Everyone was milling around talking (and hissing and shuffling). The smell of hamburgers and charcoal and hotdogs was thick in the air. It was going ok.

Some of the snake-like things had showed up (they weren't really invited, but they were welcome anyway). They were lounging in the new pond I had dug last weekend (the fish were initially upset, but I offered all concerned a beer and introduced the two parties, now they were playing volleyball).

The pond had been kind of a last minute idea. I had rented one of those big ground movers. I wanted to put in a pool (hell, I had all this acreage of unused concrete).

The initial ground breaking was kinda fun, it built up a nice hill of dirt. I didn't know how deep to build a pool, so I kept going till I couldn't dig any deeper (I hit a big slab of granite rock kind of early and it became the shallow end).

Bubba's-pool-o-rama even came out and put in the vinyl liner. They wondered why I built it so deep, but they agreed to take my dirt away (they seemed overjoyed to do it, in fact. some people are odd).

So there I was with a big hole in my back lot (yard?). so just to kind of balance the aesthetics of it all, I took a scoop out near my door to be a Jacuzzi and one in the corner (near the Smiths, they hate these kind of things), and that one became the pond.

A family of fish even moved in while I was returning the digger.

So there I was with a pool and a pond and some fish, so I figured I'd have a cookout.

So here I am, sitting in the Jacuzzi with some friends (actually, the Jacuzzi is just a hole with some muddy water in it. I hadn't finished putting in the liner and pump and all).

Ah, life is good!