Life Just Is... 7

So there I was, sitting in a muddy hole drinking a beer. Some friends were swimming in the pool. Some of the snake-like things were playing volleyball.

All in all, it was a good cookout.

I even had a couple of the trees from up the street over. I'm not much for trees, they make me kind of wary after that bad mall incident. But I'm also not much for prejudice, so I made friends with them and invited them.

Everything was going ok. That is until the beer started to run out.

Luckily I spied the problem before it got real noticible. Actually I hadn't expected the snake-like things to drink much beer and was frankly startled when I saw one of the trees with a brew.

I left the grill in the charge of a particularly congenial snake-like thing who had taken it over earlier among protests that the hot dogs weren't cooked right. How exactly you cook a hot dog right is beyond me, but no one was complaining much, so I just let him cook.

I snuck out through the throng of guests and jogged up the road to Bubba's Food Emporium. Not exactly the best place to shop, but it's got great beer and wedding cakes.

So I run in and ask for a whole lot of beer. The guy behind the counter looked oddly at me but shrugged and went to the back room and called the beer company for a delivery.

That crisis averted, I wandered back to my house and played volleyball for the rest of the afternoon.