Life Just Is... 8

I guess I'm kinda lucky. All my neighbors have been complaining of fire-ants lately. Maybe its because I've got green concrete for a lawn or maybe I just offer them beer. I dont know. But I do know they're not much of a problem.

Oh sure, its kind of a pain having to wake up early on saturday and sunday to answer the back door only to find out they want to swim for awhile.

I dont know about your experiences, but to me, fire-ants always ask before using the pool or the jacuzzi. And they clean up after themselves. They make good neighbors.

Just the other evening, I was lounging beside the pool. Some of the fire-ants had come over and were playing volleyball when my neighbor started getting irate about how my fire-ants had eaten up his tulips.

I told him they weren't my fire-ants and that besides, the tulips were ugly anyway. My neighbor didn't like my attitude and proceeded to tell me so in several not so polite ways.

Well, the fire-ants didn't like my neighbor's attitude and proceeded to go over to him.

Now I can't be real sure who started the fight, but I told the cops it was my neighbor (I didn't much like him anyway). After all, he was the one who was calling me names.

You should have seen his expression when they put him in the back of the car. In fact, you can, since that show was there to film it.

I can't wait till its on. I hope our cable carries it.