Life Just Is... 9

Sometimes I just don't want to wake up and go to work. Sure you may think its glamorous being the elevator floor guy at the prestigious downtown mall, but I think its kinda boring.

There are still people who marvel at what I do. I mean, its not all that hard. Basically, I sit in a little room with lots of monitors and buttons, and whenever someone pushes the elevator button, I have to send the elevator to their floor. Its not very tough, and at times its kind of fun.

Sometimes, when I'm mischievous I'll make all the buttons on the elevator light up so it takes forever to get anywhere for all the stopping. Its actually funny sometimes when a busy looking businessman gets held up like this.

Those of us in "the business" call this trick "the bus treatment".

Then there are the times when I make the elevator stop short of the floor. Its kinda funny when I do this to a woman and the guys alternately try to help and try to look up her dress.

Sure its fun sometimes, but today, I just didn't feel up to it. Perhaps I'll just call in sick and everyone will have to take stairs.

And some people think the whole thing is automated!