Life Just Is... 10

So here I am, the fire ants are coming over to dinner and I have no idea what to cook! I guess I should have thought of that before I invited them, but who really thinks of these things at the time.

So I'm standing in the kitchen wondering if I should serve a salad or Mexican.

I wonder how many restaurants go under because they opt not to serve twigs and branches rather than the more accepted cuisines? Of course, it helps to be different, but you just can't be too far out on a limb. You have to know your target audience. And most modern Americans limit their foliage to the occasional bush or vine.

I mean, I personally would avoid a restaurant that specialized in twigs and branches, and since I think of myself as just an ordinary guy, by extension I assume most Americans would find twigs and branches to not be a primary food stuff.

And all this just points out my main dilemma that I really don't have a clue what my target audience is looking for in light evening fare.

Perhaps I'll just be safe and serve burritos with salads?