Life Just Is... 11

I had to ride a taxi to work today. My car had to run off and go see its brother. It seems its brother had just gotten in a bad accident and the whole family is really concerned.

So I called the taxi this week (I had heard they could actually get you somewhere before you needed to get there). The guy on the phone asked me if I wanted foliage or non-foliage. Not having any clue as to what he was talking about, I foolishly told him I didn't care.

So here I am in a taxi and a particularly rough looking batch of kudzu is sending the car careening through the streets. I'm not even positive that he understood where I wanted to go.

He really wasn't that bad a driver. But I had had too many run-ins with bad flora that I wasn't going to just trust him off-hand.

But the trip was mostly un-eventful. Sure he cut off a couple of trucks, and he passed on the shoulder, but you kind of expect these things from taxis anyway, so I really wasn't surprised.

When we finally made it downtown in one piece, I had somewhat revised my view of foliage and decided that I really should stop being so judgmental.

Fresh with my new found enthusiasm, I even tipped him an extra 5. I even gave my change to some bedless bushes that were huddled against the wall.

It was really shaping up to be a good day.