Life Just Is... 14

There's just something about a vacation that kind of makes me want to go home and wash my car. Of course, I'd have to buy a new car in order to wash it. My current car is so full of holes and leaks I'm afraid to get it near water.

I guess I've been avoiding getting a new car for the simple reason that I figure duct tape can fix anything. I have friends who think my car's color is silver. I don't dissuade them of this, since the silver layer of duct tape sure looks better than the dull fluorescent green it used to be. Especially with all those holes.

But it beats riding the bus. Especially since I can't stand the way our local bus driver likes to cruise sidewalks and back yards. He keeps claiming its a shortcut, but I just don't trust him. Besides, he's one of those trees my friends are always warning me about. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything.

But I really do enjoy vacations. Especially after my luggage made it here and I could change out of the swim trunks I had been wearing for the past 3 days.

For relaxation, all I have to do is lounge on the sand. At night, we've formed an informal poker club. In the morning, breakfast and fruits by the pool.

All it all, its close to heaven.

Unfortunately, my boss called me the other day. It seems the automated system they put in to replace me temporarily is actually making the elevator work well, dropping people off where they want to be, etc... So I guess I'll have to go home early. We can't let people get used to functioning elevators now, can we...