Life Just Is... 16

Some people just can't get enough paperwork. Perhaps they just hate trees or something. I don't know.

I mean, I'm not much for trees, but I still don't care for lots of paperwork.

Just today, I had to go get an I-want-to-put-a-fence-in-my-yard license. The line in the wasting your time department was kind of short, but it still took a couple of hours.

When I got to the booth, I had to prove the land was mine (I brought along my title), that I wasn't going to hurt any plants (she was shocked when I told her I had green concrete), and that it was going to piss off my neighbors (I was confident the Smith's wouldn't like it, but I wasn't sure about a few others).

Half a dozen forms, a photograph and 2 and a half dollars later, I had an I-want-to-put-a-fence-in-my-yard license.

Its kind of nice, green, with a nice white border. It even has donor information on the back.

I now feel confident that I can build a fence. Well, kind of. But at least I have a license to try. Which is more than some people can say.

I'm thinking of having a fence building party for it all. I'll even get the jacuzzi done.

Now all I need is some wood and some burgers.