Life Just Is... 17

23 1/2 hour minimarts just aren't the place to be at 3:17 in the morning. Normally, I avoid these places, but my clock radio blew a fuse and I needed to fix it so I could get up to go to work in the morning.

When I got there, the guy behind the counter had that ever too cheery "Hi" just bubbling with enthusiasm. At 3:17 in the morning, no one should be so happy.

I dug past the isles of soda and candy and lawn furniture and found the fuse I needed.

I grabbed the fuse and a soda and a chaise lounge I needed for the back yard and headed home.

Well, one thing that can be said about 3:17 in the morning is that the traffic is light. And most of the people on the street corners are friendly. One group playing bridge asked me to join, and another group playing elimination chess matches asked me if I wanted to watch or judge.

People just shouldn't be so happy at 3:17.

So the fuse fit my clock and I got it reset. Of course, the fuse was impossible to get out of the packing box until I found my arc welder kit and a pair of pliers. Those new federal regs that reduced paper usage only seem to have increased the use of steel tape and rivets.

3:29. Back to bed. Got to get up by 4:42. Early meetings and all.