Life Just Is... 18

Well, my microwave is on the Fritz again... I keep telling him not to come over and mess with my kitchen appliances, but Fritz just doesn't listen too much sometimes.

Isn't that always the case? You get to know people and they just don't listen to common sense.

Take Fritz. He comes over and messes with my microwave all the time. He keeps telling me he wants to dry his wallet because he always sits in a puddle at work. Well, first off, I tell him microwaves don't really dry too good. Then I tell him he should get a chair at work. Besides, I point out, its really hard to see your customers from the floor.

But I guess good chairs are hard to find.

Mine left last week for a better deal. I tried to cut a new contract, but I just couldn't match the retirement benefits the couple from up the street were offering. Luckily, in a last minute deal, the chair left the ottoman. They didn't get along to good anyway, so I'm sure both sides are happy, but my ottoman really looks weird sitting near that clean patch of carpet where the chair used to be.

So Fritz came over and saw the clean spot of carpet where the chair used to be and claimed that proved that he should be sitting in a puddle on the floor rather than get a chair. I suppose he's right, after all, I would hate for my chair to leave halfway through the workday. But somehow everyone manages to get a full day's work done anyway, so I guess its not much of a problem.

So I grabbed a lawn chair from the back yard. They work for much less than a good arm chair and they are happy to come inside sometimes. I put the chair where the clean spot of carpet was and relaxed after a hard day of work.

Unfortunately, my TV was on the Fritz this time... I really should keep him from tinkering with my appliances...