Life Just Is... 19

When the Autumn planting bug knocked, I answered the door (its not nice to turn away company). He said he couldn't ring the door bell, because he didn't like door bells.

I can see his point. I've met some surly door bells before.

The one on Trish's door (you know, three doors down) is downright hostile. The other day I pressed it and it just sat there sneering at me. It took several more presses before it gave in and finally rang the bells. I think next time I'll just knock, if the door doesn't mind too much (never a good idea to upset a door).

The planting bug stayed for dinner. Which was ok, since I was making toast and had a fresh loaf of bread so I had plenty to share. While our toast was warming, I went out back and pulled some pesky weeds and planted some nice flowers for spring.

The weeds had been bothering me for a few months and I was ready for them to move on. They had come by for a party and had just stayed. Don't you hate plants who cant take a hint and go?

I mean, I've had worse plants in my yard. And I have to admit that these weeds didn't throw loud parties or leave their messes around. But, you know, with winter coming up, I had to clear out the place.

When I came back in, the Autumn planting bug was gone.

He had taken a piece of toast and left me a nice little note thanking me for the juice (he had helped himself). But he had left the front door open. Nothing worse than a drafty door.

Now where did I leave that other can of juice?...